Sky Weber

Sky Weber

Vocalist, Instrumentalist, Actor

Sky, whose birth name is Theodore, has always performed. As a child, he played accordion, and as a teenager the Beatle’s first album inspired him to buy his first guitar. He was a music major in college but quickly realized that it wasn’t a safe financial bet, so he switched to business. Still, he continued to seek out theater and music opportunities. The name Sky, in fact, comes from the character he once played in Guys and Dolls.

Sky has often pushed his creative impulses off to the side – for business, for his relationships, and for alcohol. “Bad things in my life have always happened because of alcohol,” he says. Conversely, theater has always been the thing that made things better. “When I do music, I feel happy. Life feels good when my heart follows what it wants to do.”

Sky moved to San Francisco to join a recovery program, and currently lives in a clean and sober living house. He heard about Community Housing Partnership’s Solutions SF program through his recovery program, and walked through our doors to sign up. Sky completed CHP’s employment training in July and has been working as a desk clerk for Solutions SF since.

“Before Solutions SF, I interviewed for a full-time accounting job,” Sky said. He didn’t get it, and admits that maybe he wasn’t ready. But now? “Life is good. The obsession has lifted. I’m doing the right things.” Sky isn’t sure what’s next for him in his career, but he knows he will continue participating in theatre. “I recently treated myself to rush tickets to The King and I, the first musical I was ever in. It brought me back to being 16 years old and all of the dreams I had, before I had ever had a drink. It inspired me.”