A HomeRise Film

In 2021, after 31 years as Community Housing Partnership, we changed our name to HomeRise. And while our name changed, our mission, values, methods, and ethos remained the same.

This change provided an opportunity for us to reintroduce ourselves to the community and remind people about the critical, transformative work we do. And so Re-Becoming was born.

Told through the voices of HomeRise residents and staff, Re-Becoming tells the story of HomeRise’s mission: to help people who have experienced homelessness secure housing and become self-sufficient. As is illustrated in the 26-minute film, fulfilling that mission looks different for each resident we serve and it takes a diverse team of staff, approaching the work from myriad angles, to make it happen.

Re-Becoming lays bare the profound impact that our work can have on both the residents who benefit from it and the staff who care so deeply about those residents. We are proud to present this documentary film as a way for you to get to know us (or be reintroduced to us!). We hope that it warms your heart and changes the way you interact with the world.



If you would like to learn more about any facet of the work we do, please look through the links below or reach out to Sarah Haselschwardt, Communications & Donor Engagement Director, at

Case Management Model
Coordinated Entry Overview
Solutions Employment Services
HomeRise Fact Sheet
Who We Are



If you would like to set up a screening of the film for a group, please contact Jordan Weinberg, Development Associate, at



Re-Becoming was directed and produced by Dan Denegre of Space Race Studios. Dan’s vision and partnership on this project was invaluable to its success.