Rachel Townsend Apartments

1750 McAllister Street

Rachel Townsend Apartments

HomeRise renovated Rachel Townsend Apartments, located in the Western Addition, in late 2018. Rachel Townsend Apartments houses, serves, and supports low-income, elderly persons age 62 and older, and persons with disabilities who are 18 and older. HomeRise is the developer, property manager, asset manager, and services provider for Rachel Townsend Apartments. As part of the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD), HomeRise worked to renovate the interior and exterior of this 12-story concrete building which houses 97 disabled and senior residences.

Rachel Townsend Apartments interior


The property consists of 97 units with seventy-five studios, twenty-one 1BR and one 2BR, and a beautiful patio with a garden. Other amenities include a community room and kitchen, rooftop deck, support services offices, and a laundry room.


Here in the Bay Area, San Francisco’s Juneteenth celebration has traditionally been one of the largest gatherings of African Americans in California every year. The city’s 2019 Juneteenth parade was named in honor of Rachel Townsend, a leader in San Francisco’s Black community who died of sudden illness in 2018. Townsend was active in San Francisco and Oakland politics and fought to keep Juneteenth in San Francisco despite the city’s shrinking Black population.

Property Manager HomeRise
Service Provider HomeRise
Opened December 19, 2018
Demographic Seniors and Disabled Individuals
Number of Units 97



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