Civic Center Hotel

20 12th Street

Community Housing Partnership first became involved with the Civic Center Hotel in 2015, identifying as a stabilization project in its first iteration, while continuing to be home to tenants that have been living at the hotel as far back as the early 2000’s.

June of 2016, changes were afoot and the Civic Center Hotel joined the first wave of Navigation Centers in the City of San Francisco. Originally offering 93 single occupancy units for individuals currently experiencing homelessness and allowing those individuals to bring their pets, partners, and personal belongings.

The Civic Center Hotel Navigation Center incorporates support into everyday living that includes robust case management, clinical mental health services, housing case management in partnership with Coordinated Entry, and basic needs such as food, and hygiene products.


The Civic Center Hotel is considered a historic property that is 5 stories with the ground floor being the location of communal spaces. The property consists of 145 units most with shared bathrooms of which 113 are Navigation Center units. Other amenities include a community room, support services offices, property management office, and a laundry room.

Property Manager John Stewart and Company
Service Provider Community Housing Partnership
Opened 2015
Demographic Adults; Coordinated Entry Pathway
Number of Units 145


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“This place gave me a chance to put my things down long enough to feel safe and focus on the things that matter most to me.” “This was the first time in places like this, and I have been to many, that I felt seen, heard, and loved.”