Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones

Tenor & Soprano Saxophone

When Jerry Jones was in 3rd grade growing up in New Orleans, his band teacher handed him a paper with photos of musicians on it playing various instruments. “Circle the one you want to play,” he said. Nearly fifty years later, Jerry’s still playing the saxophone he circled.

As a teenager, Jerry was recruited to play with the Neville Brothers all around New Orleans. He wasn’t old enough to go into bars, but they’d dress him up and pass him off.

Jerry worked for ten years as a merchant seaman before deciding to set down roots and start a band in San Francisco. He’s been here ever since, and his band – The Unknown Giants – still plays to this day. He’s played at most of the city’s storied institutions, including Café du Nord on its opening day.

Jerry lives in a building recently acquired by CHP, and he’s seen remarkable changes. “It’s tremendous what they’ve done,” he says.

If Jerry wins A Night with the Stars, he’s like to use the money to help his sister and fix up his mother’s house in New Orleans. She passed away shortly after Hurricane Katrina hit, and he still regrets that he couldn’t be there. He plans to move back to New Orleans soon.

Jerry’s dream has always been to be happy and successful from his music, and to make others happy when they hear him play. He recently started learning to play the bass, and looks forward to continuing to expand on his passion.