Jarell Green

Jarell Green

Turf Dancer

Jarell Green began performing turf dancing only a year ago, but he’s been practicing much of his life. As a young boy growing up in San Francisco, he was inspired by the turf dancers at Powell Street and would practice the stretches and moves in his room.

Jarell performs with a dance group called BA, or “Best Alive,” on BART. He’s also proud to have performed at the Oakland Coliseum as part of a hip-hop tour. “My dream is to be recognized as a professional dancer,” he says.

While dance has always been a part of Jarell’s life, stability has not. He spent most of his childhood in the foster care system. After aging out at 18, he bounced between group homes and his mother’s house, where he found himself more concerned about her health and well-being than his own.

Jarell eventually moved in to his CHP residence, where he finally found stability. “I feel blessed. I can lock my door, leave, and earn some money for myself.”

Jarell stopped dreaming at night as a young boy, so when he thinks about “Dreaming in Color,” he thinks of his day dreams. “They’re coming true,” he says. “I’m getting closer to them – it just takes persistence and work.”

Because of his own difficult childhood, one of those dreams is to help his siblings get out of the foster care system. “I want to set the trail for them,” he says. “I’ve never had a holiday spent with all of my siblings together – I’m going to make that happen.”