Support Services

Community Housing Partnership knows that a stable home is the first step to advancement, and that obtaining affordable housing is often a long process for many of our residents, so we want to make sure that when they get there, they are able to stay. Our support services provide the essential help residents need to rebuild their lives after a period of homelessness, and set them on a path to self-sufficiency.

Case Management 

Community Housing Partnership’s on-site Resident Services Counselors work with residents to address issues stemming from their experience of homelessness to improve their quality of life and help them become self-reliant. Through individualized service plans that detail short and long-term goals, staff members build relationships that promote trust and collaboration.  By combining one-on-one counseling with group sessions, community activities and workshops, our staff ensures that residents are continuously engaged and striving to meet their goals.

Health Services

Our health services offer assistance to residents with mental health needs. These services include assessment, treatment planning, therapy, and crisis intervention including evaluation for psychiatric hospitalizations. They are delivered by a master’s degree-level clinician supervised by a licensed professional. Our clinical services have also improved general health among our tenants by facilitating regular medical care, addressing chronic conditions, reducing substance-use, and decreasing hospitalizations.

Youth & Family Programs

Our youth and family services engage children up to age 18 in nurturing environments. Staff members work with kids to provide after-school academic help, cultural excursions, and educational field trips while building a support network for them to use. Our staff also help parents navigate the school system, and access school resources. Family programming also includes family counseling, parent counseling, mental health workshops, teen health education, and safety and well-being training.