Ariel Bowser

Ariel Bowser


Ariel Bowser “eats, breathes, and thinks” music.

Ariel was born and raised in San Francisco. She became a foster child as a baby, but was brought in by her grandmother and later by her aunt. She always sang, and was active in her high school theater program.

Ariel moved into her CHP residence in 2014 after leaving an unhealthy family living situation. It was a difficult transition at first, but she says it’s become a blessing and a stabilizing force for her, providing peace of mind and the support she needs to invest in her future. She is currently studying at Skyline College and working part time, and plans to apply to YearUp’s internship program and transfer to a 4-year university. “I have a sense of direction now,” she says. “I wasn’t happy before, but now I feel a sense of purpose.”

To Ariel, the theme “Dreaming in Color” speaks to community, and to limitlessness. Ariel’s dream now is to be stable and to be able to provide for herself and her family. She finds inspiration in life – after a period of stagnation, she feels grateful to be moving forward. She’s also inspired by her grandmother, who took her in at a young age. In the spirit of her grandmother, she wants to be able to help others  – especially through music – because so many people helped her.