Education matters. Help our youngest residents thrive.

Imagine you’ve been experiencing homelessness for years, and recently found a home within supportive housing. Seems like a dream. But it’s still a daily struggle to survive, and even obtaining the basics can be difficult. Then a pandemic hits and it gets worse; shopping for food and supplies with little public transportation, being isolated, worrying about healthcare, being afraid you’ll get sick.

Now imagine you’re a kid.

School has started in San Francisco, but with the Covid-19 crisis, it’s harder than ever. For our 215 school-age kids living in supportive housing, online learning is a challenge when you don’t have the space, the supplies, the support, or the necessary technology.

Many of our older buildings have slow or no internet service, parents often struggle to fill out required forms for school district help, and California is 1 million laptops and hotspots short for the online school year.

Education is one of the most powerful weapons in the fight against homelessness.

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